Escape From The Confederacy cover

Escape From The Confederacy

Benjamin F. Hasson (c. 1840-)

1. Dedication and Introductory
2. War Memories Part 1
3. War Memories Part 2
4. War Memories Part 3
5. Appendix: How And Where I Was Captured
6. Addenda

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Benjamin F Hasson was a Union officer in the Civil War of the United States. After being captured by the Confederacy, he escaped from a prison train taking prisoners to the infamous Andersonville prison. The short book points up Hasson’s ingenuity in overcoming obstacles to his flight to Union lines but also shows an insight into the lives of Southern blacks, both slave and free. This oral version omits the last section of his book, which is a list of men captured from his regiment and their fates. ( david wales)