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#1 - Qui Pluribus (On Faith and Religion) November 9, 1846

Encyclical Letters of Pope Pius IX

Download Qui Pluribus (On Faith and Religion) November 9, 1846 audio
Download Praedecessores nostros (On Aid for Ireland) March 25, 1847 audio
Download Ubi Primum (On Discipline for Religious) June 17, 1847 audio
Download Ubi Primum (On the Immaculate Conception) February 2, 1849 audio
Download Nostis et Nobiscum (On the Church in the Papal States) December 8, 1849 audio
Download Exultavit Cor Nostrum (On the Effects of the Jubilee) November 21, 1851 audio
Download Inter Multiplices (Pleading for Unity of Spirit) March 21, 1853 audio
Download Neminem vestrum (On the Persecution of the Armenians) February 2, 1854 audio
Download Apostolicae nostrae caritatis (Urging Prayers of Peace) August 1, 1854 audio
Download Ineffabilis Deus (Dogma of the Immaculate Conception) December 8, 1854 audio
Download Amantissimi Redemptoris (On Priests and the Care of Souls) May 3, 1858 audio
Download Qui nuper (On the Pontifical States) June 18, 1859 audio
Download Nullis certe verbis (On the Need for Civil Sovereignty) January 19, 1860 audio
Download Ubi urbaniano (Russian Persecutions of Catholics in Poland) July 30, 1864 audio
Download Quanta cura (Condemning Current Errors) and the Syllabus of Errors December 8, 1864 audio
Download Levate (On the Affiliations of Church) October 27, 1867 audio
Download Respicientes (Protesting the Taking of the Pontifical States) November 1, 1870 audio
Download Ubi Nos (On the Pontifical States) May 15, 1871 audio
Download Beneficia Dei (On the 25th Anniversary of His Pontificate) June 4, 1871 audio
Download Saepe Venerabiles Fratres (Thanksgiving for 25 Years of Pontificate) August 5, 1871 audio
Download Quartus supra (On the Church in Armenia) January 6, 1873 audio
Download Etsi multa (On the Church in Italy, Germany and Switzerland) November 21, 1873 audio
Download Vix dum a Nobis (On the Church in Austria) March 7, 1874 audio
Download Omnem sollicitudinem (On the Greek-Ruthenian Rite) May 13, 1874 audio
Download Gravibus Ecclesiae (Proclaiming a Jubilee) December 24, 1874 audio
Download Quod nunquam (On the Church in Prussia) February 5, 1875 audio
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Amongst the vast correspondence of the longest-reigning pontiff since St. Peter, Pope Pius IX wrote upwards of forty Encyclicals during his thirty-two year pontificate (1846-1878). Twenty-six of these are included in this collection. (Summary by M.S.C. Lambert, LC)

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