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#1 - 01 - Amherst, January 2, 1851, to Mrs. Strong

Emily Dickinson on Death

Download 01 - Amherst, January 2, 1851, to Mrs. Strong audio
Download 02 - Autumn, 1876, to Dr. and Mrs. Holland audio
Download 03 - 'Let down the bars, O Death!' audio
Download 04 - 'Going to Heaven!' audio
Download 05 - 'Morns like these we parted' audio
Download 06 - 'I read my sentence steadily' audio
Download 07 - 'The only ghost I ever saw' audio
Download 11 - 'If I should die' audio
Download 13 - 'What inn is this' audio
Download 16 - 'Death is a dialogue' audio
Download 19 - 'I meant to find her when I came' audio
Download 20 - 'If I may have it when it's dead' audio
Download 21 - 'There's been a death in the opposite house' audio
Download 22 - 'After great pain, a formal feeling comes' audio

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Emily Dickinson is one of the most intriguing of American poets. Since she grew increasingly reclusive, very few of her poems were published until after her death. This collection includes two letters Dickinson wrote to her friends on the occasion of the deaths of her friend, Mr. Humphrey, and her brother, Austin. The rest of collection consists of her poetry on the subject of death. (Summary by Libby Gohn)

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