Eighteen Months' Imprisonment cover

Eighteen Months' Imprisonment

Donald Shaw

1. My Arrest
2. The House of Detention
3. “Settling Down”
4. “Prison Fare”
5. Georgina
6. Bow Street
7. Newgate
8. The Scaffold
9. A Private Execution
10. “Newgate Etiquette”
11. The Titled Convict
12. The Central Criminal Court
13. “Corpulency”
14. Coldbath Fields
15. “Oakum” Let Us Sing
16. The Visiting Justices
17. Prison Trades
18. The Outer World
19. The Convalescent Ward
20. Criminal Lunatics
21. Prison Celebrities
22. The Tread-Wheel
23. Gardening
24. The Church Militant in Prison
25. The Hospital Dead-House
26. Burglars “I Have Met”
27. “Justice Tempered With Mercy”
28. Retrospect

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This is an absorbing memoir of an inmate's experiences and impressions while in a London prison. He describes himself as "a man of education and worldly experience" and weighing "19 stone 13 lbs" (279 lbs), a stone being 14 lbs, at the beginning of his imprisonment but not upon his release. The author writes with a reporter's keen perception and a talented novelist's ability to engage and at times amuse the reader.