Eclogae (Eclogues) cover

Eclogae (Eclogues)

Giovanni del Vergilio (late 13th - c. 1327)

1. Ecloga Prima
2. First Eclogue
3. Ecloga Secunda
4. Second Eclogue
5. Ecloga Tertia
6. Third Eclogue
7. Ecloga Quarta
8. Fourth Eclogue

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Dante's short correspondence in verse with Giovanni del Vergilio was only published in 1719, but is believed to have been written at some point in the last years of the poet's life. What we have are two poems by Dante and the answers by Iohannes (Giovanni's Latin name), all in Latin hexameters, emulating the style of Vergil. Even though the works were named after Vergil's bucolic poetry, the poems also echo the Georgics and the Aeneid, and are truly a masterpiece by a master of poetry. In this audiobook, we present the four poems in the original Latin, each followed by its translation by H.E. Plumptre.