Eclogae cover


Publius Vergilius Maro (70-19 BC)

1. Ecloga 01
2. Ecloga 01, vs 2
3. Ecloga 02
4. Ecloga 03
5. Ecloga 03, vs 2
6. Ecloga 04
7. Ecloga 05
8. Ecloga 06
9. Ecloga 07
10. Ecloga 08
11. Ecloga 09
12. Ecloga 10

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This book of poems, written between 42 en 39 BC, was a bestseller in ancient Rome, and still holds a fascination today. Held to be divinely inspired not only by the Romans themselves, but by the Medieval Catholic church, The Eclogues is one of the most beloved collections of Latin short poetry.This recording is done in the original Latin, in the form of a dramatic reading: in each eclogue, every character is read by a different reader. Two eclogues are included twice – giving you a choice of reader.