Dr Paull's Theory cover

Dr Paull's Theory

Alice Mangold Diehl (1844-1912)

1. Fate
2. An Initial Letter
3. Extract from the Diary of Hugh Paull
4. A Moral Duel
5. A Startling Proposal
6. The Locket
7. Found in an Old Notebook of Lilia Pym's
8. Diary of Hugh Paull
9. The Beginning of the Sequel
10. A Disappointment
11. Mercedes
12. ''Twixt the Cup and the Lip'
13. Her Dream
14. A Questionable Doctrine
15. Extract from the Diary of Dr Hugh Paull
16. Mizpah

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    Hugh Paull's training in a London hospital is nearly complete, and he will soon be qualified as a doctor. But what fate is in store for him? What destiny links him to the family of one of his patients? And how will he meet the strange events ahead?