Doxie Dent cover

Doxie Dent

John Ackworth (1854-1917)

1. The clogger at bay
2. The coming of Doxie
3. The capitulation of Jabe
4. An irresistible ambassadress
5. Unblushing hypocrisy
6. The queen of the clog shop
7. Mysterious occurrences
8. Doxie at class
9. A disturber of the peace
10. A great event
11. An offer of marriage
12. A woman
13. A political meeting
14. A great discovery
15. Plots and plans
16. An alarming letter
17. Delicate negotiations
18. Andrew's proposal
19. Doxie's secret
20. Doubts and fears
21. A great fight
22. The emigrant's return
23. Andrews victory
24. The inevitable

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Following the short story collections, Clog Shop Chronicles and Beckside Lights, John Ackworth completed the adventures of clogger Jabez Clegg and his Beckside cronies with a novel. Jabez's niece, the young and vivacious Doxie Dent, has grown up in 'Lunnon'. Arriving in the Lancashire village that is cloggers home, she delights the villagers with her southern ways, but Jabez remains unimpressed...