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#1 - Act I

Double Falsehood; or, The Distrest Lovers

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This play is based on story told in Cervantes' Don Quixote, and some believe it is a reconstruction of a lost play by Shakespeare and Fletcher. Duke Angelo and his son Roderick are concerned about the activities of the duke's younger son, Henriquez. They enlist his friend, Julio, as a spy. Before Julio left for the court, he foolishly asks Henriquez to secure his marriage to Leonora. Summary by Libby Gohn

Cast List:

Narrator: Availle
Roderick/Lopez: Rob Board
Henriquez: Kristin Gjerløw
Don Bernard/First Shepherd: ToddHW
Camillo/Second Shepherd: Elizabeth Klett
Julio/Gerald: Alex Lane
Leonora: Sarah Terry
Violante: Libby Gohn
Servant/Maid: Mary Schneider
Duke Angelo/Master of the Flocks: David Olson
Citizen/Gentleman: Glenn O'Brien
Fabian: Phil Winkelman

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