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#1 - 01 – The Same Old Tavia

Dorothy Dale's Queer Holidays

Download 01 – The Same Old Tavia audio
Download 02 – What Happened To Tavia audio
Download 03 – A Light In The Window audio
Download 04 – The Tangled Web She Wove audio
Download 05 – Shopping And Shoplifters audio
Download 06 – Who Stole The Ring audio
Download 07 – The Haunted House audio
Download 08 – A Magazine Ghos audio
Download 09 – The Little Woman In Black audio
Download 10 – The Thorns Of A Holly Wreath audio
Download 11 – Gathering Evergreens audio
Download 12 – The Scream From The Castle audio
Download 13 – College Boys and Glenwood Girls audio
Download 14 – Tavia’s Troubles audio
Download 15 – Dorothy As A Comforter audio
Download 16 – A Delicate Discovery audio
Download 17 – Spruce Boughs and Laurel Wreaths audio
Download 18 – Dorothy’s Distress audio
Download 19 – Between The Lines audio
Download 20 – The Entertainment audio
Download 21 – A Strange Confession audio
Download 22 – Stornbound at Tanglewood audio
Download 23 – The Ghost That Really Walked audio
Download 25 – Youth and Old Age audio
Download 26 – The Day Before Christmas audio
Download 27 – All Is Well audio
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Relates the details of a mystery that surrounded Tanglewood Park. There is a great snowstorm, and the young folks become snowbound, much to their dismay.

Books in this series:
Dorothy Dale: A Girl of Today (1908)
Dorothy Dale at Glenwood School (1908)
Dorothy Dale's Great Secret (1909)
Dorothy Dale and Her Chums (1909)
Dorothy Dale’s Queer Holidays (1910)
Dorothy Dale’s Camping Days (1911)
Dorothy Dale’s School Rivals (1912)
Dorothy Dale in the City (1913)
Dorothy Dale’s Promise (1914)
Dorothy Dale in the West (1915)
Dorothy Dale’s Strange Discovery (1916)
Dorothy Dale’s Engagement (1917)
Dorothy Dale to the Rescue (1924)

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