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#1 - 01 - Out Of A Hayrick

Dorothy Dale's Camping Days

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Download 15 - When The Train Came In audio
Download 16 - A Harrowing Experience audio
Download 17 - Stranger Still audio
Download 18 - Mistaken Identity audio
Download 19 - Camping Days audio
Download 20 - Hapless Tavia audio
Download 21 - At The Sanitarium audio
Download 23 - Dorothy's Escape audio
Download 24 - A Lonely Ride audio
Download 25 - Looking For Tavia audio
Download 26 - Dorothy's Success audio
Download 27 - One Kind Of Camp audio
Download 29 - The Round-Up--Conclusion audio
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So the parties separated and then Dorothy was free to leave her hiding place. She longed to tell her friends the strange story, but she knew that the finding of Tavia was the one and only thing to be thought of just then. "Are you sure that this is the direction in which the boys went?" asked Nat, with something like a sigh. Dorothy looked over the rough woodland. "No," she said, "there was a swamp, for I distinctly remember that they picked their way through tall grass, and about here the grass is actually dried up." (Extract from Chapter 26)

Books in this series:
Dorothy Dale: A Girl of Today (1908)
Dorothy Dale at Glenwood School (1908)
Dorothy Dale's Great Secret (1909)
Dorothy Dale and Her Chums (1909)
Dorothy Dale’s Queer Holidays (1910)
Dorothy Dale’s Camping Days (1911)
Dorothy Dale’s School Rivals (1912)
Dorothy Dale in the City (1913)
Dorothy Dale’s Promise (1914)
Dorothy Dale in the West (1915)
Dorothy Dale’s Strange Discovery (1916)
Dorothy Dale’s Engagement (1917)
Dorothy Dale to the Rescue (1924)

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