Dorothy Dale In The City cover

Dorothy Dale In The City

Margaret Penrose

1. Almost Christmas
2. Going Home
3. "Get A Horse!"
4. A Real Beauty Bath
5. Dorothy's Protege
6. The Night Before Christmas
7. Real Ghosts
8. The Aftermath
9. Just Dales
10. Sixty Miles An Hour
11. A Hold-On In New York
12. Human Freight On The Dummy
13. The Shopping Tour
14. The Dress Parade
15. Tea In A Stable
16. A Startling Discovery
17. Tavia's Resolve
18. Dangerous Ground
19. Thick Ice And Thin
20. A Thickened Plot
21. Fright And Courage
22. Captured By Two Girls
23. Pathos And Poverty
24. A Young Reformer
25. The Loving Cup
26. A New Collector

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The series continues. Dorothy Dale and the girls of Glenwood enjoy a break from school, with adventures over the Christmas holidays.