Dooryard Stories cover

Dooryard Stories

Clara Dillingham Pierson (1868-1952)

1. Preface and Silvertip
2. The Fight for the Bird-House
3. The Fir-Tree Neighbors
4. The Industrious Flicker
5. Plucky Mrs. Polistes
6. Silvertip Stops a Quarrel
7. A Young Swift Tumbles
8. The Very Rude Young Robins
9. The Systematic Yellow-Billed Cuckoo
10. The Helpful Tumble-Bugs
11. Silvertip Leans a Lesson
12. The Robin's Double Brood
13. The Sparrows Inside the Eaves
14. A Rainy Day on the Lawn
15. The Persistent Phoebe
16. The Sad Story of the Hog Caterpillar
17. The Cat and the Catbird
18. The Friendly Blackbirds

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A collections of stories about the animals around our houses, the birds, the cats, and even the bugs! Written in a humorous and very interesting style, the animals sound almost human, and you can learn along with them. You'll learn what happens to a hog caterpillar when he does not take advice, how a a young bird took a nasty fall because he didn't obey his parents, and how happy it made some robins when they helped their parents care for their younger siblings that came so close behind the first ones. Lots of other stories too about the animal's lives, make you realize that the animals in your dooryard may be more interesting than you think!