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#1 - 01 - The Greshams of Greshamsbury

Doctor Thorne

Download 01 - The Greshams of Greshamsbury audio
Download 04 - Lessons from Courcy Castle audio
Download 05 - Frank Gresham's First Speech audio
Download 06 - Frank Gresham's Early Loves audio
Download 07 - The Doctor's Garden audio
Download 08 - Matrimonial Prospects audio
Download 09 - Sir Roger Scatcherd audio
Download 10 - Sir Roger's Will audio
Download 11 - The Doctor Drinks His Tea audio
Download 12 - When Greek Meets Greek, Then Comes the Tug of War audio
Download 13 - The Two Uncles audio
Download 14 - Sentence of Exile audio
Download 16 - Miss Dunstable audio
Download 19 -The Duke of Omnium audio
Download 21 - Mr. Moffat Falls Into Trouble audio
Download 22 - Sir Roger is Unseated audio
Download 23 - Retrospective audio
Download 24 - Louis Scatcherd audio
Download 25 - Sir Roger Dies audio
Download 27 - Miss Thorne Goes on a Visit audio
Download 28 - The Doctor Hears Something to His Advantage audio
Download 29 - The Donkey Ride audio
Download 30 - Post Prandial audio
Download 31 - The Small End of the Wedge audio
Download 33 - A Morning Visit audio
Download A Barouche and Four Arrives at Greshamsbury audio
Download 35 - Sir Louis Goes Out to Dinner audio
Download 36 - Will He Come Again? audio
Download 37 - Sir Louis Leaves Greshamsbury audio
Download 38 - De Courcy Precepts and de Courcy Practice audio
Download 39 - What the World Says about Blood audio
Download 40 - The Two Doctors Change Patients audio
Download 41 - Doctor Thorne Won't Interfere audio
Download 42 - What Can You Give in Return? audio
Download 43 - The Race of Scatcherd Becomes Extinct audio
Download 44 - Saturday Evening and Sunday Morning audio
Download 45 - Law Business in London audio
Download 46 - Our Pet Fox Finds a Tail audio
Download 47 - How the Bride Was Received, and Who Were Asked to the Wedding audio
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Doctor Thorne is the third of Trollope's Barsetshire novels, and unlike some of the others, has little to do with the politics and personalities of the Church of England, or politics on the national level (though there is lots of politicking in the mythical county of Barsetshire itself). The plot revolves around the illegitimate Mary Thorne, who has been lovingly raised by her uncle, a country doctor, and who, as she comes of age, finds herself wondering whether she is a lady (in the county sense of the term). Frank Gresham, son of the squire of Greshamsbury, is in love with her (much against the wishes of his noble de Courcy relatives at the Castle), but she dismisses his affection at first as mere puppy love, thereby setting the scene for a series of entanglements, social, romantic, and of course, financial and propertied (never far from the action in Trollope's works). Their resolution, of course, makes up the meat of the novel. One critic has remarked that in Doctor Thorne Trollope succeeds in one of the most difficult tasks an author of fiction can face: how to make genuinely good people genuinely interesting, so that they engage not only the sympathies but also the interest of readers. (Introduction by Nicholas Clifford)

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