Deep Lake Mystery cover

Deep Lake Mystery

Carolyn Wells (1862-1942)

1. A Stately Pleasure Dome ...
2. The Girl in the Canoe
3. The Tragedy
4. The Nail
5. The Lady of the Lake
6. The Watch in the Water Pitcher
7. The Inquest
8. Alma's Statements
9. Clues
10. Discussion
11. Evidence
12. My Secret
13. As To Tuesday Afternoon
14. Posy May
15. Jennie
16. Whistling Reeds
17. Ames Takes a Hand
18. All Right At Last

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Imagine, if you will, a murder committed in a sealed room. A room which has been sealed from the inside, that is, with no possible means of exit, excepting a dangerous plunge through a window into a deep, foreboding lake with swirling eddies and rocks abound. Add to that image a wreath of flowers around the head and across the chest of the victim, a crucifix, an orange, a feather scarf tucked in here and there, two crackers, a handkerchief, and a feather duster. And a nail. Oh, and one more item to add to the curious array of arranged paraphenalia - a watch in a water pitcher by the bedside. Now place yourself in a position to solve the mystery behind this obvious murder of a wealthy man who was liked by everyone, and had no known enemies. Carolyn Wells was a well known author of children's stories, until she began reading mystery stories written by Anna Katherine Green, and from then on she devoted her writings to puzzling mysteries in a similar vein.



- Deep Lake Mystery

Roger M. does another superb job !.....the story itself is a bit predictable , but still fun to listen to as an adjunct to sewing , weeding, or other chore .