David Wark Griffith: A Brief Sketch of His Career cover

David Wark Griffith: A Brief Sketch of His Career

Robert Edgar Long

1. An Appreciation and Preface
2. Chapter I: Boyhood Days
3. Chapter II: Lawrence Griffith - Actor
4. Chapter III: The Traveling Salesman
5. Chapter IV: Poet and Playwright
6. Chapter V: The Door of Fame
7. Chapter VI: Early Biograph Days
8. Chapter VII: The Reliance Majestic
9. Chapter VIII: 'The Birth of a Nation'
10. Chapter IX: 'Intolerance'
11. Chapter X: 'Hearts of the World'
12. Chapter XI: A Short Story Series
13. Chapter XII: The Griffith Repertory
14. Chapter XIII: An Adventure at Sea
15. Chapter XIV: Mamaroneck -- and Home

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An authorized biography of D.W. Griffith, the self-proclaimed "Father of Filmmaking." Written in collaboration with the director, Robert Edgar Long's biographical sketch traces Griffith's early life, his career as an actor and stage director, his rise as one of Biograph's most acclaimed and innovative filmmakers, and the making of his revolutionary (and controversial) full-length films: [i]The Birth of a Nation, Intolerance, Broken Blossoms,[/i] and other cinema classics.