Dave Dashaway, the Young Aviator cover

Dave Dashaway, the Young Aviator

Roy Rockwood

1. Dave Dashaway's Model
2. From The Clouds
3. Breaking Away
4. Dave Dashaway's Hideout
5. Making Off
6. Cadmus
7. Robbed
8. A Startling Surprise
9. Making His Way
10. At the Hangars
11. The Air King
12. A New Friend
13. A Start in Business
14. His First Airship Ride
15. The Parachute Garment
16. The Young Aviator
17. Kidnapped
18. An All_Night Captivity
19. Another Mistake
20. In Training
21. The Amateur Trophy
22. A Night Adventure
23. A Great Surprise
24. Something Wrong
25. Conclusion

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Never was there a more clever young aviator than Dave Dashaway, and all up-to-date lads will surely wish to make his acquaintance. This initial volume tells how the hero ran away from his miserly guardian, fell in with a successful airman, and became a young aviator of note. (From the 1913 edition)