Dave Dashaway and His Giant Airship cover

Dave Dashaway and His Giant Airship

Roy Rockwood

1. The Giant Airship
2. 'For Mother's Sake'
3. A Narrow Escape
4. In Bad Company
5. 'The Right Kind'
6. A Mysterious Flash
7. At the Aerodrome
8. The Rival Airship
9. In the Lead
10. The Haunted Aerodrome
11. A Grand Success
12. Adrift in the Storm
13. A First Landing
14. Lost
15. The Terrible MacGuffins
16. In Friendly Hands
17. A Trusty Guide
18. In a Bad Fix
19. A Mysterious Friend
20. The Stowaway
21. The Haunted Airship
22. Fire at Sea
23. The Forlorn Hope
24. Goal!
25. Conclusion

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How the Giant Airship was constructed and how the daring young aviator and his friends made the hazardous journey through the clouds from the new world to the old, is told in a way to keep the reader spellbound. (As published by Cupples & Leon, New York, NY, 1913)