Daniel Boone (Thwaites) cover

Daniel Boone (Thwaites)

Reuben Gold Thwaites (1853-1913)

1. Ancestry and Training
2. The Nimrod of the Yadkin
3. Life on the Border
4. Red Man Against White Man
5. Kentucky Reached at Last
6. Alone in the Wilderness
7. Predecessors and Contemporaries
8. The Hero of Clinch Valley
9. The Settlement of Kentucky
10. Two Years of Darkness
11. The Siege of Boonesborough
12. Soldier and Statesman
13. Kentucky's Path of Thorns
14. In the Kanawha Valley
15. A Serene Old Age

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Daniel Boone was a great hunter, explorer, surveyor, and excellent rifleman; he knew Indians and fought them skillfully. His life was filled with adventures and, with this biography, Reuben Gold Thwaites takes us along on some of those adventures. An exciting read of one of America’s true historical heroes.