Cycling in the Alps cover

Cycling in the Alps

C. L. Freeston (1865-1942)

1. Preface
2. Introductory
3. The Stelvio
4. The Bernina
5. The Fluela
6. The Albula
7. The Julier
8. The Maloja
9. The Schyn
10. The Oberalp
11. The Furka
12. The Grimsel
13. The Landwasser Road
14. The Engadine
15. Other Passes
16. What Are The Risks?
17. The Labour Involved
18. Purely Mechanical
19. Conclusion

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A guide to cycling in the European Alps in the days before surfaced roads and automobile tourism. As the author explains, the spectacular views are well worth the effort of pushing your bicycle up the passes and perfectly safe as long as your cycle is equipped with brakes.