Cupid in Africa cover

Cupid in Africa

Percival Christopher Wren (1875-1941)

1. Major Hugh Walsingham Greene
2. Mr Charles Stayne-Brooker (or Herr Karl Stein-Brucker)
3. Mrs Stayne-Brooker - and her Ex-Stepson
4. Bertram becomes a Man of War
5. And is Ordered to East Africa
6. Preparations
7. Terra Marique Jactatus
8. Mrs. Stayne-Brooker
9. Mombasa
10. The Mombasa Club
11. Military and Naval Manoeuvres, part 1
12. Military and Naval Manoeuvres, part 2
13. Bertram Invades Africa
14. M'paga
15. Food and Feeders
16. Reflections
17. Baking
18. The Convoy
19. Butindi
20. The Bristol Bar
21. More Baking
22. Trial
23. Of a Pudding
24. Stein-Brucker Meets Berram Greene - and Death
25. Mrs. Stayne-Brooker Again
26. Love
27. Love and War
28. Baked
29. Finis

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Bertram Greene, brilliant student, aesthete, intellectual and shy, decides to make his military father proud of him at last and joins the colonial Indian Army Reserve as a second Lieutenant at the start of Great War. Feeling a complete fish out of water, he is dispatched to India without any training whatsoever, and is expected to take charge of a company of native soldiers. He is then posted to East Africa to join the British fighting force there, and finds out what real soldiering means. This amusing, and at times harrowing tale gives a comprehensive description of the life and conditions of a soldier in the tropics, obviously written by someone who has experienced them. The author, P. C. Wren, is the author of the famous Beau Geste books.