Cruise in an Opium Clipper cover

Cruise in an Opium Clipper

Lindsay Anderson (1841-1895)

1. Chapters 1-4
2. Chapters 5-8
3. Chapters 9-11
4. Chapters 12-14
5. Chapters 15-17
6. Chapters 18-21
7. Chapters 22-24
8. Chapters 25-27
9. Chapters 28-30
10. Chapters 31-33
11. Chapters 34-36
12. Chapters 37-39
13. Chapters 40-42
14. Chapters 43-45

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Eamont was an opium clipper built in Cowes. It was the subject of an 1891 book, A cruise in an opium clipper, by Captain Lindsay Anderson. Eamont was involved in the opening of Japan to foreigners in 1858, serving as a dispatch boat between Nagasaki and Shanghai, and was one of the first vessels to open up a trade with Formosa…. The Eamont was sent on some very dangerous trips. She was one of the first vessels to open up a trade with Formosa, and made the first survey of the port of Taku, which she entered by bumping over the reef in spite of a tremendous surf beating upon it at the time, a most daring performance. And in her efforts to trade with the Formosans she had to withstand the attack of hundreds of armed natives right on top of a typhoon, which she succeeded in riding out on her moorings. But the captain of the Eamont was a famous fighting man, as the Chinese pirates knew to their cost…. The Eamont was also employed in the negotiations for the first commercial treaty with Japan. (See Wikipedia article on Eamont (schooner))