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#1 - General Introduction to the Modern Criminal Science Series, Introduction to the English Vesion, The Authors Preface, Translators Note

Crime, Its Causes and Remedies

Download General Introduction to the Modern Criminal Science Series, Introduction to the English Vesion, The Authors Preface, Translators Note audio
Download I. Meteorological and Climatic Influences, Months, High Temperatures. audio
Download II. Influence of Mountain Formation Upon Crime, Geology, Soils Producing Goitre, Malaria, Etc audio
Download III. Influence of Race, Virtuous Savages, Criminal Centers, Semitic Race, Greeks in Italy and in France, Cephalic Index, Color of Hair, Jews, Gypsies. audio
Download IV. Civilization, Barbarism, Aggregations of Population, The Press, New Kinds of Crime. audio
Download V. Density of Population, Immigration and Emigration, Birth-Rate. audio
Download VI. Subsistence (Famine, Price of Bread). audio
Download VIII. Influence of Education Upon Crime. audio
Download IX. Influence of Economic Condition, Wealth. audio
Download XI. Education, Illegitimate Children, Orphans. audio
Download XIII. Age, Precocity. audio
Download XIV. Sex, Prostitution. audio
Download XV. Civil Status, Profession, Unemployment. audio
Download XVI. Prisons, Newspapers, Imitation, Leaders, Other Causes. audio
Download XVII. Associations of Criminals and Their Causes audio
Download XVIII. Causes of Political Crimes. audio
Download PART TWO. PROPHYLAXIS AND THERAPEUSIS OF CRIME. I. Penal Substitutes, Climate, Civilization, Density, Scientific Police, Photography, Identification audio
Download II. Prevention of Sexual Crimes and of Fraud audio
Download III. The Prevention of Alcoholism audio
Download IV. Preventive Measures Against the Influence of Poverty and Wealth audio
Download VI. The Dangers of Instruction, Education, Reform Schools, Etc audio
Download VII. Prevention of Political Crime audio
Download VIII. Penal Institutions audio
Download IX. Absurdities and Contradictions in Criminal Procedure audio
Download PART THREE. SYNTHESIS AND APPLICATION. I. Atavism and Epilepsy in Crime and in Punishment audio
Download II. Penalties According to Criminal Anthropology, Fines, Probation System, Insane Asylums, Institutions For The Incorrigible, Capital Punishment audio
Download III. Penalties Anthropologically Adapted to the Sex, Age, Etc., of the Criminal, and to the Nature of the Crime audio
Download IV. Practical Proofs of the Utility of these Reforms, England, Switzerland audio
Download V. Practical Application to the Criticism of Criminal Law, to Expert Testimony, Pedagogy, Art, and Science audio
Download VI. The Utilization of Crime, Symbiosis audio
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Published as the third volume in the Modern Criminal Science Series, Cesare Lombroso, renowned Italian criminologist, collected a wealth of information regarding the incidence, classification, and causes of crime. Crime calendars, the geography of crime, unusual events and circumstances leading to more frequent crime, political motivations and associations of criminal enterprise and an assessment of the real value and effectiveness of prisons and reform programs are all included in this three part volume. - Summary by Leon Harvey

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