Cottage Poems cover

Cottage Poems

Patrick Brontë (1777-1861)

1. Epistle to the Rev. J--- B---, Whilst Journeying for the Recovery of his Health.
2. The Happy Cottagers.
3. The Rainbow.
4. Winter-Night Meditations.
5. Verses Sent to a Lady on her Birthday.
6. The Irish Cabin.
7. To the Rev. J. Gilpin, on his Improved Edition of the "Pilgrim's Progress."
8. The Cottage Maid.
9. The Spider and the Fly.
10. Epistle to a Young Clergyman.
11. Epistle to the Labouring Poor.
12. The Cottager's Hymn.

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    Patrick Brontë (father of the famous Brontë sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anna) is mainly remembered as a father, reverend and teacher, but he also was a poet and a novelist. Cottage Poems, his first published work, he gives gentle spiritual advice and guidance to the community, colleagues and members of his congregation in the form of lyrical letters.Even if one is simply interested in his daughters' works, it is still interesting to see where the sisters' inspiration to write may have come from.