Concerning Cats cover

Concerning Cats

Helen M. Winslow

1. 01 – Concerning the Pretty Lady
2. 02 – Concerning my other cats
3. 03 – Concerning Other Peoples Cats
4. 04 – Concerning still other peoples cats
5. 05 – Concerning some historic cats
6. 06 – Concerning cats in England
7. 07 – Concerning cat clubs and cat shows
8. 08 – Concerning high-bred cats in America
9. 09 – Concerning cats in poetry
10. 10 – Concerning cat artists
11. 11 – Concerning cat hospitals and refuges
12. 12 – Concerning the origin of cats
13. 13 – Concerning varieties of cats
14. 14 – Concerning cat language

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“I have known, and loved, and studied many cats, but my knowledge of her (Pretty Lady, a cat) alone would convince me that cats love people–in their dignified, reserved way, and when they feel that their love is not wasted; that they reason, and that they seldom act from impulse.”The thoughts of Helen Winslow, a thoughtful and articulate cat friend, about the cats in her life.



- Really really good

Hi I just want to say I love the book its very nice. I mean if i had a cat,i would name it dutchess!


- Really really good!

I’ve read it a million times and listened to it like 20 times. I recommend this book for people who love cats!