Queen of the Black Coast cover

Queen of the Black Coast

Robert E. Howard (1906-1936)

1. 1 - Conan Joins the Pirates
2. 2 - The Black Lotus
3. 3 - The Horror in the Jungle
4. 4 - The Attack from the Air
5. 5 - The Funeral Pyre

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Conan finally meets his match in Belit, the fierce, bloodthirsty and scantily clad pirate Queen. She also is unable to resist the huge, blue eyed, iron thewed barbarian who literally sweeps her off her feet. Together they become pirates of legend and are the scourge of the Black Coast. They venture up the river of death where no one has gone in centuries and lived, in search of plunder, battle and adventure. And get get more of all three than they could wish for.