Comic English Grammar cover

Comic English Grammar

Percival Leigh (1813-1889)

1. Preliminary Discourse
2. Part I Orthography
3. Pt. II Etymology Ch. 1 Parts of Speech
4. Pt. II Etymology Ch. 2 Articles
5. Pt. II Etymology Ch. 3 Substantives
6. Pt. II Etymology Ch. 4 Adjectives
7. Pt. II Etymology Ch. 5 Pronouns
8. Pt. II Etymology Ch. 6 Verbs
9. Pt. II Etymology Ch. 7 Adverbs
10. Pt. II Etymology Ch. 8 and 9 Prepositions and Conjunctions
11. Pt. II Etymology Ch. 10 Derivation
12. Pt. III Syntax Rule I
13. Pt. III Syntax Rules II - XV
14. Pt. III Syntax Rules XVI to XXII
15. Pt. IV Prosody Ch. 1 Pronunciation
16. Pt. IV Prosody Ch. 2 Versification
17. Pt. IV Prosody Ch. 3 Punctuation
18. Address to Young Students

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This is a basic grammar, treating of the parts of speech, syntax, versification, pronunciation and punctuation. The listener is warned that there is quite a dated feel about this little grammar as the author, in keeping with the times (1840), is a frightful snob about social classes, scathing about 'vulgar speech' and also sometimes quite rude about American turns of phrase. The author is not remotely as comical as he thinks he is, but it has its moments.