Collected Prose cover

Collected Prose

James Elroy Flecker (1884-1915)

1. Prefatory Note
2. The Last Generation
3. N'Jawk
4. Pentheus
5. Mansur
6. Candilli
7. The 'Bus in Stamboul
8. Translations from the Gulistan
9. Forgotten Warfare
10. Philanthropists
11. The Grecians: Dramatic reading. Preface; I The Three Englishmen
12. The Grecians II: The Aim of Education
13. The Grecians III: Physical Training
14. The Grecians IV: Technical Training
15. The Grecians V: The Grecians, or True Education
16. John Davidson: Realist
17. John Davidson
18. The New Poetry and Mr. Housman's "Shropshire Lad"
19. Two Critics of Poetry
20. Preface to The Golden Journey of Samarkand
21. The Public as Art Critic
22. Paul Fort, The Prince of Poets

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Best remembered for his poetry, James Elroy Flecker was also a playwright, novelist and prose writer. This collection of his idiosyncratic prose writings includes The Last Generation (a short science fiction story), short sketches, a dialogue, and several critical studies.