Cocoa Break Collection, Vol. 02 cover

Cocoa Break Collection, Vol. 02


1. The Bel-Princess, by Maive Stokes
2. Childe Rowland, by Flora A Steel
3. The Espousal of the Rat's Daughter, by Grace James
4. The Fairy of the Dell by P.H. Emerson
5. The Herd Boy and the Weaving Maiden, by Martens
6. The Jellyfish Takes A Journey, by Grace James
7. The Lad Who Went To The North Wind
8. Linda Branca and Her Mask, by Elsie S Eells
9. The Little Purse with two Half Pennies, by Mite Kremnitz and Mary J. Safford
10. The Old Woman And Her Pig, by Flora Annie Steel
11. Spirits of the Yellow River,by Richard Wilhelm
12. The Story of Jason Squiff, by Carl Sandburg
13. The Three Little Pigs, by Flora Annie Steel
14. The Two Skyscrapers Who Decided to Have a Child, by Carl Sandburg
15. Why The Bananas Belong To The Monkey, by Elsie S Eells

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This is a collection of international fairy tales clocking in at 5-15 minutes apiece, suitable for childrens' winter cocoa breaks, or other times when quality entertainment is needed.