Clara Vaughan, Vol I. cover

Clara Vaughan, Vol I.

Richard Doddridge Blackmore (1825-1900)

1. Book I, Chapter I
2. Book I, Chapter II
3. Book I, Chapter III
4. Book I, Chapter IV
5. Book I, Chapter V
6. Book I, Chapter VI
7. Book I, Chapter VII
8. Book I, Chapter VIII
9. Book I, Chapter IX
10. Book I, Chapter X
11. Book I, Chapter XI
12. Book I, Chapter XII
13. Book I, Chapter XIII
14. Book I, Chapter XIV
15. Book I, Chapter XV
16. Book I, Chapter XVI
17. Book I, Chapter XVII
18. Book I, Chapter XVIII
19. Book II, Chapter I
20. Book II, Chapter II
21. Book II, Chapter III
22. Book II, Chapter IV
23. Book II, Chapter V
24. Book II, Chapter VI
25. Book II, Chapter VII
26. Book II, Chapter VIII
27. Book II, Chapter IX
28. Book II, Chapter X
29. Book II, Chapter XI
30. Book II, Chapter XII
31. Book II, Chapter XIII
32. Book II, Chapter XIV
33. Book II, Chapter XV
34. Book II, Chapter XVI

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CLARA VAUGHAN, the young heroine, narrator, and namesake for R. D. Blackmore’s early detective novel, is determined to solve the mystery of her father’s murder—a crime that occurred when she was only 10 years of age. The book gives an account of Clara’s adventures, romances, and encounters with many eccentric characters, when, years later, she devotes herself to unraveling the mystery. As Clara states at the beginning of Chapter II, “How that deed was done, I learned at once, and will tell. By whom and why it was done, I have given my life to learn.” R. D. Blackmore, undoubtedly better known for his later novel LORNA DOONE, published this book anonymously in 1864.