Christmas Short Works Collection 2015 cover

Christmas Short Works Collection 2015


1. A Christmas Present Assurance Company
2. The Three Kings
3. A Recruit at Christmas
4. Why Santa Claus was Late
5. Christnacht (von Saar)
6. Christnacht (Henckell)
7. Christnacht (Lachmann)
8. The Goblins' Christmas
9. Eddie's Faith
10. Santa Claus
11. Merry Christmas in the Tenements
12. Crăciunul în tabără
13. Nowell: Debussy Variations on a Mendelssohn Theme
14. Winter: Reportagen - Kapitel 2
15. The Ballad of the Harp-weaver
16. Little Gretchen and the Wooden Shoe
17. Christmas Pantomime, from 'Jeremy'
18. Colindătorii
19. How the Secretary of the Treasury Once Played Santa Claus
20. Christmas by Injunction
21. Markheim
22. Christmas in Bethlehem
23. Christmas and the Spirit of Democracy
24. A Race with an Avalanche
25. Méditation d'un garde national aux remparts de Paris pendant la veillée de Noël 1870
26. Christmas Day
27. Joseph Golding's Last Christmas
28. Christmas Questions
29. The Burning Babe
30. Santa Claus
31. Dumnezeu si Om
32. Pantomime, from 'Theatrical and Circus Life'
33. A Christmas Reverie

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This year's Christmas collection of short stories, poems and non-fiction features readings in English, French, German and Romanian