Christmas Short Works Collection 2013 cover

Christmas Short Works Collection 2013


1. Bertie’s Ride
2. A Chaparral Christmas Gift
3. Christmas
4. Christmas at Fezziwig's Warehouse
5. A Christmas Barring-Out
6. Christmas Carol
7. The Christmas Eve Burglary
8. Christmas in the Heart
9. A Christmas Sermon
10. The Gift of the Magi
11. The Hard Times in Elfland
12. Das kleine Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern
13. The Mahogany Tree
14. Major Pendallas: A Christmas Story
15. Old Christmas
16. The Perfect Reader
17. The Pink Sweetmeat
18. The Sad Shepherd
19. Shadow: A Christmas Story
20. Shakespeare’s Christmas Gift To Queen Bess In The Year 1596
21. Stephen Skarridge's Christmas
22. Toinin jouluaatto
23. The Truce of God
24. Wandering Wassailers
25. The Whizzer
26. Wonderland
27. Wunderweisse Nächte

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A selection of poems, short stories and other prose for the Christmas season in English, Finnish and German.