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Christmas in Poetry - Carols and Poems


1. A Christmas Carol (Old English Carol)
2. From Far Away, by William Morris
3. Lordings, Listen to Our Lay (Old Carol)
4. 'Twas Jolly, Jolly Wat, by C. W. Stubbs
5. Boots and Saddles, Provençal Noël of Nicholas Saboly
6. Carol, by Kenneth Grahame
7. The Neighbors of Bethlehem (Thirteenth Century French Carol)
8. Carol of the Russian Children (Russian Folk Song)
9. Signs of Christmas, by Edwin Lees
10. A Christmas Hymn, by C. Frances Alexander
11. Christmas, by Nahum Tate
12. The Story of the Shepherd (Translated from the Spanish)
13. A Christmas Carol (Translated from the Neapolitan)
14. The Golden Carol (Old Carol)
15. Christmas Eve, by John Davidson
16. Carol of the Birds (Bas-Quercy)
17. The Shepherds had an Angel, by Christina G. Rossetti
18. Song of a Shepherd Boy at Bethlehem, by Josephine Preston Peabody
19. The Least of Carols, by Sophie Jewett
20. Nativity Song, by Sophie Jewett
21. The Christmas Silence, by Margaret Deland
22. Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella!, Provençal Noël of Nicholas Saboly
23. Christmas Folk Song, by Lisette Woodworth Reese
24. As Joseph was A-Walking (From the Cherry Tree Carol)
25. Cradle Hymn, by Martin Luther
26. A Christmas Carol, by Christina G. Rossetti
27. Carol, by William Canton
28. A Child's Present to his Child-Saviour, by Robert Herrick
29. A Christmas Carol, by Josiah Gilbert Holland
30. The Shepherd Who Stayed, by Theodosia Garrison
31. Good King Wenceslas, Translated from the Latin by J. M. Neale
32. We Three Kings, by J. H. Hopkins, Jr.
33. God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen, by Dinah Maria Mulock
34. The Wassail Song (Old Devonshire Carol)
35. Wassailer's Song, by Robert Southwell
36. Carol in Praise of the Holly and Ivy (Fifteenth Century Carol)
37. Ceremonies for Christmas, by Robert Herrick
38. Christmas Eve - Another Ceremony, by Robert Herrick
39. Christmas Eve - Another Ceremony to the Maids, by Robert Herrick
40. Our Joyful Feast, by George Wither

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This is a volume of Christmas poems and carols, by various authors and from various times.