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#1 - 01 - The Story Of Rollo; Alpha

Chimes From A Jester’s Bells

Download 01 - The Story Of Rollo; Alpha audio
Download 02 - The Story Of Rollo; I. Learning To Breathe audio
Download 03 - The Story Of Rollo; II. Learning To Dress audio
Download 04 - The Story Of Rollo; III. Learning To Read audio
Download 05 - The Story Of Rollo; IV. Learning To Work audio
Download 06 - The Story Of Rollo; V. Learning To Play audio
Download 07 - The Story Of Rollo; VI. Learning To Travel audio
Download 08 - The Story Of Rollo; VII. Learning " Not To" audio
Download 09 - The Story Of Rollo; VIII. Jonas audio
Download 10 - The Story Of Rollo; IX. Learning To Learn audio
Download 11 - The Story Of Rollo; Omega audio
Download 12 - Stories And Sketches; X. The Battle Of Ardmore audio
Download 13 - Stories And Sketches; XI. A Neighborly Neighborhood audio
Download 14 - Stories And Sketches; XII. The Katydid In Opera audio
Download 15 - Stories And Sketches; XIII. The Old Road Show audio
Download 16 - Stories And Sketches; XIV. The Vacation Of Mustapha audio
Download 17 - Stories And Sketches; XV. The Brakeman At Church audio
Download 18 - Stories And Sketches; XVI. Laurel And Cypress audio
Download 19 - Stories And Sketches; XVII. The Legend Of The Good Drummuh audio
Download 20 - Stories And Sketches; XVIII. Household Pets audio
Download 21 - Stories And Sketches; XIX. The Strike At Hinman’s audio
Download 22 - Stories And Sketches; Cantistopthis audio
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Part I. The Story of Rollo; Mr. Holliday knows all there is to know about raising children, or at least he thinks he does. His attempts to train his son, Rollo, "in the way he should go," are well-meant, but hilariously unsuccessful--or are they? I believe this is a sort of spoof of the “Rollo” series for children, that was written by Jacob Abbot in the mid 19th century. The characters have the same names and the chapters have a little Q&A at the end like the Abbot books, except these are definitely tongue-in-cheek. These Rollo stories use humor (and a bit of pathos) to teach plain home truths to parents, rather than children.

Part II. Stories and Sketches; It is difficult to give this part a better description than the title implies. It is an assortment of short works. Some are humorous, some thought-provoking, some have a bit of both, and some are, I think, just a tad demented (but in a good way.) (Introduction by Debra Lynn)

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