Children's Short Works, Vol. 017 cover

Children's Short Works, Vol. 017


1. The Beginning of the Armadillos
2. The Remarkable Rocket
3. Three Boys with Jugs of Molasses and Secret Ambitions
4. The Fire-Fly's Lovers
5. The Grateful Crane
6. The Origin of Narran Lake
7. Uncle David's Nonsensical Story About Giants And Fairies
8. The Boy Who Wanted More Cheese
9. Busy Idleness
10. The Purple Jar
11. Writing a book
12. Cloud-Eating
13. The Broken Horse
14. The Two Little Cooks
15. The Lost Message

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Librivox’s Children’s Short Works Collection 017: a collection of 15 short works for children in the public domain read by a variety of Librivox members.