Celebration of Dialects and Accents, Vol 2. cover

Celebration of Dialects and Accents, Vol 2.

Aesop (c. 620 BCE-564)

1. Metropolitan Texas accent
2. Midwestern US accent
3. German accent
4. Hungarian accent
5. Midwestern US accent 2
6. Dutch accent
7. Southeastern Pennsylvania accent
8. Lancashire accent
9. Austrian accent
10. Australian accent
11. Australian accent 2
12. Great Lakes region accent
13. Mid-Atlantic British accent
14. South Louisiana US accent
15. German/mixed bag accent
16. Midwest USA/Kansas accent
17. Pacific Northwest accent
18. English Public School (Received Pronunciation) accent
19. North Texas US accent
20. Mid-England British accent

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    A celebration of all the wonderful dialects and accents found within the Librivox community! The goal being to record a 'phonetically relevant' text by as many volunteers as possible, and make this dialect/accent 'database' available to the world, by releasing the recordings into the public domain.