Audiobook: Careers of Danger and Daring

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Careers of Danger and Daring

1 - The Steeple-Climber Pt 1 In Which We Make the Acquaintance of 'Steeple Bob'


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In this volume of adventure the author depicts the lives of certain humble modern heroes whose unconscious courage ordinarily goes unnoticed. Mr. Moffett has chosen unusual and picturesque careers, and has offered dramatic scenes from the lives of the steeple climber, the diver, the balloonist,the pilot, the bridge builder, the fireman, the aerial acrobat, the wild animal trainer, the dynamite worker and lastly the locomotive driver. (Summary by annise)

And it has great pictures - ever wondered what the top of a steeple really looked like? Some listeners may find the "Wild Animal Tamer" stories distressing - I did. I would suggest you just don't download that section - the rest is well worth listening to.

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