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1 - A Feud, Section 1


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Brief plot lines of these 16 stories by Nobel Prize winning author John Galsworthy:
01, 02, 03 "A Feud" The breaking of an engagement ignites a feud.
04 "The Man Who Kept His Form" Ruding’s financial prospects disappoint. He adjusts.
05 "A Hedonist" Still single at 55, Vaness declares his love to a woman, 26.
06 "Timber" Hirries takes a celebratory afternoon walk in his forest.
07 "Santa Lucia" Old Trevillian recalls a past attraction begun at a casino.
08 "Blackmail" Money given to a needy woman leads to a blackmail threat.
09 "The Broken Boot" An impoverished actor chances upon an old acquaintance.
10 "Stroke of Lightning" Besotted by an extramarital relationship, Frank goes to extremes.
11 "Virtue" Mellesh pays a “working girl’s” fine and tells his wife.
12 "Conscience" A staff writer refuses to continue to ghostwrite.
13 "Salta Pro Nobis" Terrified as her execution for treason nears, she dances.
14 "Philanthropy" A writer tries to cope with an insufferable alcoholic.
15 "A Long-ago Affair" When 16 he was infatuated with an attractive widow.
16 "Acme" A destitute author writes a movie script for his own amusement.
17 "Late--299" Released from prison, the doctor goes about with a “peculiar smile”.
18, 19 "Had a Horse" Jimmy, a bookie, accepts a racehorse in payment of gambling debts.
(Summary by Lee Smalley)

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