Captain William Kidd And Others Of The Buccaneers cover

Captain William Kidd And Others Of The Buccaneers

John S. C. Abbott (1805-1877)

1. Preface
2. Origin Of The Buccaneers
3. William Kidd Becomes A Pirate
4. Piratic Adventures
5. Arrest, Trial, And Condemnation Of Kidd
6. Kidd And Stede Bonnet
7. The Adventures Of Edward Teach, Or Blackbeard
8. The Close Of Stede Bonnet's Career
9. The Portuguese Barthelemy
10. Francis Lolonois
11. The Plunder; The Carousal; And The New Enterprise
12. The End Of Lolonois's Career
13. The Female Pirate, Mary Read
14. Anne Bonny, The Female Pirate
15. Sir Henry Morgan
16. The Capture Of Puerto Velo, And Its Results
17. The Expedition To Maracaibo
18. Adventures On The Shores Of Lake Maracaibo
19. A New Expedition Planned
20. Capture Of St. Catherine And Chagres
21. The March From Chagres To Panama
22. The Capture Of Panama
23. The Return From Panama
24. Montbar The Fanatic

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Pirate stories galore! Pirate life was not always what it seemed from the outside.