California Sketches New And Old cover

California Sketches New And Old

Oscar Penn Fitzgerald (1829-1911)

1. My First Sunday In The Mines
2. Cissaha
3. Lost On Table Mountain
4. Fulton
5. The Fatal Twist
6. Stranded
7. Lockley
8. An Interview
9. Father Cox
10. The Ethics Of Grizzly Hunting
11. Stewart
12. A Mendocino Murder
13. My First California Camp Meeting
14. The Tragedy At Algerine
15. The Blue Lakes
16. Old Tuolunme
17. Ben
18. A Youthful Desperado
19. North Beach, San Francisco
20. My Mining Speculation
21. Dick
22. The Diggers
23. Father Fisher
24. Th California Madhouse
25. The Reblooming
26. San Quentin
27. Tod Robinson
28. Jack White
29. Camilla Cain
30. Corraled
31. The Rabbi
32. Ah Lee
33. Coela Vista
34. The Emperor Norton
35. Buffalo Jones
36. Suicide In California
37. Mike Reese
38. Uncle Nolan
39. Old Man Lowry
40. The California Politician
41. Bishop Kavanaugh In California
42. A Day
43. California Traits
44. Father Acolti
45. California Weddings
46. How The Money Came
47. Having Some Fun
48. At The End
49. A Woman Of The Early Days
50. Doctor Eleazar Thomas
51. Lone Mountain
52. Newton
53. Climate Of California
54. After The Storm
55. Sanders
56. Winter Blossomed
57. A Virginian In California

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    Here we meet all sorts of characters and situations in California’s early history: gunmen, outlaws, lynch mobs, raging storms, mining camps, lost clergymen, freed slaves, Northern sympathizers, Southern sympathizers, soldiers…. Oscar Penn Fitzgerald was a Methodist clergyman, journalist and educator. He served as California Superintendent of Public Instruction (1867–1871). His California Sketches were published in two series (1879 and 1881) and a consolidated volume (1895). This reading is based on the consolidated volume (Sections 1-48) with the addition of the sketches from the first books that were omitted in the last one (First, Sections 49-50; Second, Sections 51-57). The listener is alerted that the author exhibits the very common nineteenth century white man’s low opinion of Native Americans. The sketches are of church and nonchurch folk. Even those not interested in religious matters may be entertained by this view into the psychology and culture of early Californians, as well as the challenges and rewards of the land and climate themselves.