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#1 - The Bold Buccaneers

Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts

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Download A Greenhorn under the Black Flag audio
Download Bonnet again to the Front audio
Download The Battle of the Sand Bars audio
Download A Six Weeks' Pirate audio
Download The Story of Two Women Pirates audio
Download A Pirate from Boyhood audio
Download A Pirate of the Gulf audio
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Buccaneers is non-fiction, a highly readable history of how piracy began and spread throughout the region in response to the plundering of Spanish colonialism. It is written with great flair for the dramatic by the author of The Lady or the Tiger?

If you care to read along while listening, the online text features a facsimile version of Buccaneers & Pirates that includes an antique map of the Caribbean which is a nice reference for readers and listeners for islands’ names, ports, hideaways, and buried treasure! (Summary by Denny Sayers)

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