Brewster's Millions (Version 2) cover

Brewster's Millions (Version 2)

George Barr McCutcheon (1866-1928)

1. A Birthday Dinner
2. Shades of Aladdin
3. Mrs. and Miss Gray
4. A Second Will
5. The Message from Jones
6. Monty Cristo
7. A Lesson in Tact
8. The Forelock of Time
9. Love and a Prize-fight
10. The Napoleon of Finance
11. Coals of Fire
12. Christmas Despair
13. A Friend in Need
14. Mrs. DeMille Entertains
15. The Cut Direct
16. In the Sunny South
17. The New Tenderfoot
18. The Prodigal at Sea
19. One Hero and Another
20. Le Roi S'Amuse
21. Fairyland
22. Prince and Peasants
23. An Offer of Marriage
24. The Sheik's Strategy
25. The Rescue of Peggy
26. The Mutiny
27. A Fair Traitor
28. A Catastrophe
29. The Prodigal's Return
30. The Promise of Thrift
31. How the Million Disappeared
32. The Night Before
33. The Flight of Jones
34. The Last Word

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    Montgomery Brewster inherits a large sum of money. Then he learns he's to inherit 7 times as much! But there's a catch: he has to spend every penny of the first inheritance before his next birthday (in 357 days), and have no possessions or anything to show for it at the end of that month. If he succeeds, he'll be very wealthy; if he fails, he remains penniless. He finds that spending so much money is harder than he thinks! This book inspired several movies, including one starring Richard Pryor in 1985.



    - brewsters millions

    Entertaining book, but the reader was difficult to understand at times. Had to listen on purpose.


    A good book but the reading is very hard to stick with.