Boston Blackie cover

Boston Blackie

Jack Boyle (1881-1928)

1. Foreword
2. Boston Blackie
3. Boston Blackie's Little Pal
4. Boston Blackie's Code
5. The Cushions Kid
6. One Week to Live
7. "Not to Snitch on a Pal"
8. The Woman Called Rita
9. The Miracle
10. Fred the Count
11. The Price of Success
12. The Spirit of the Cushions Kid
13. A Problem in Grand Larceny
14. The Shot in the Dark
15. The Mystery of the S. S. Humboldt
16. Missing Gold
17. The Frame-up
18. The Third Degree
19. An Answer in Grand Larceny
20. Alibi Ann
21. Boston Blackie's Prophecy Comes True
22. The Love of a Woman
23. For Fifteen Years
24. The Revolt
25. First Blood
26. Boston Blackie's Mary
27. "Play for Me 'Little Squirrel'"
28. Trapped
29. Man to Man

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Boston Blackie is the novelization of a group of pulp short stories by Jack Boyle (1881-1928). Blackie, an ex-con with a college education, is a jewel thief based in San Francisco, who outwits the cops with the help of his wife Mary. The character was altered for a later series of popular films and radio shows to become a “reformed” jewel thief turned private eye.



Wonderful intertaing story read by a wonderful reader.


- review

Intriguing stories read with style and finesse.