Bohemian San Francisco cover

Bohemian San Francisco

Clarence Edwords (b. 1856)

1. 01 Foreword, The Good Gray City, The Land of Bohemia/3 recipes
2. 02 When the Gringo Came/recipe, Early Italian Impression
3. 03 Birth of the French Restaurant/2 recipes, At the Cliff House
4. 04 Some Italian Restaurants, Impress of Mexico/recipe
5. 05 On the Barbary Coast, The City That Was Passes, Sang the Swan Song/recipe & poem
6. 06 Bohemia of the Present, As it is in Germany/recipe
7. 07 In the Heart of Italy/3 recipes, A Breath of the Orient
8. 08 Artistic Japan, Old and New Palace/3 recipes
9. 09 At the Hotel St. Francis/2 recipes, Amid the Bright Lights/recipe
10. 10 Around Little Italy/recipe
11. 11 Where Fish Come In, Fish in Their Variety/2 recipes
12. 12 Lobsters and Lobsters/recipe, King of Shell Fish/recipe, Lobster In Miniature/recipe
13. 13 Clams and Abalones/3 recipes, Where Fish Abound
14. 14 Some Food Variants/3 recipes, About Dining
15. 15 Something About Cooking, Told in A Whisper, Out of Nothing/recipe
16. 16 Paste Makes Waist/recipe, Tips and Tipping, The Mythical Land
17. 17 Appendix: How to Serve Wines
18. 18 Appendix: A Good Bohemian Dinner, Recipes/29 short recipes

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While describing his dining experiences throughout “Bohemian San Francisco,” Clarence Edwords paints an historic panorama of California cuisine with all its cosmopolitan influences. Best of all, he offers tantalizing recipes culled from conversations with the master chefs of 1914 in “The City by the Bay.”