Black Experience in America, 18th-20th Century, Vol. 1 cover

Black Experience in America, 18th-20th Century, Vol. 1


1. Ex-slave James Bolton
2. Death of Charles
3. Fifty Years
4. Personal Liberty Laws
5. Reporting
6. The Ku Klux Klan
7. Your Negro Neighbor
8. The Praline Woman
9. Ex-Slave Minnie Davis
10. Where The Negro Lives
11. Nobody's Lookin' But De Owl and De Moon
12. A Plea For Industrial Opportunity
13. Sketches of the Black Baptist Church
14. Lawing and Jawing
15. Excerpt from The Future of the American Negro
16. Hot Foot Hannibal
17. The Passing Tradition and The African Civilization
18. The Sunday School and Church...
19. Ex-Slave Pierce Cody
20. Here Comes A Young Man Courting
21. 'Lazy'
22. Of The Meaning of Progress

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This is not the copyrighted work by Norman Coombs currently on Project Gutenberg but a collection of non-fiction, fiction, poetry, drama, and speeches found on Project Gutenberg that are by or about African Americans. Subjects range from late 18th Century epistolary conversations between black Baptist preachers to 1930s testimony by ex-slaves.