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#1 - Infection and Intoxication by S. Flexner (1863-1946)

Nine Biological Lectures

Download Infection and Intoxication by S. Flexner (1863-1946) audio
Download Immunity by G. M. Sternberg (1838-1915) audio
Download A Student's Reminiscences of Huxley by H. F. Osborn (1857-1935) audio
Download Paleontonlogy as a Morphological Discipline by W. B. Scott (1858-1947) audio
Download Explanations, or How Phenomena are Interpreted by A. E. Dolbear (1837-1910) audio
Download Known Relations Between Mind and Matter by A. E. Dolbear (1837-1910) audio
Download On the Physical Basis of Animal Phosphorescence by S. Watasé (1862-1929) audio
Download The Primary Segmentation of the Vertebrate Head by W. A. Locy (1857-1924) audio
Download The Segmentation of the Head by J. S. Kingsley (1854-1929) audio
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Nine lectures on a variety of biological subjects delivered at The Marine Biological Laboratories of Wood's Holl in the summer session of 1895. - Summary by J.M. Smallheer

Please note that the Tables in Lecture 9 are not included in the recording. Please refer to the text.

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