Bill Biddon, Trapper cover

Bill Biddon, Trapper

Edward S. Ellis (1840-1916)

1. Out Late At Night
2. A New Friend
3. The Trapper's Story
4. The Trapping Grounds
5. Conversations And Plans
6. Still In The Dark - The Canoe Again
7. Alone In The Wilderness
8. Trapping Among The Indians
9. The Buffalo Hunt And Its Consequences
10. An Awful Awakening
11. The Brigade And An Old Friend
12. Found At Last

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Our young hero and his companion plan to make their fortunes in the California gold rush. Having made their way to Missouri, they join a wagon train headed for the famed Oregon Trail, but being carefree and adventuresome young men, they are not happy relaxing by the fireside of an evening. Encounters with animals, raging rivers and "Injuns" keep them interested in their voyage, but what will the Pacific Coast hold for them?