Bible (KJV) NT 05: Acts (version 2) cover

Bible (KJV) NT 05: Acts (version 2)

King James Version (KJV)

1. Chapters 1-2
2. Chapters 3-4
3. Chapters 5-6
4. Chapters 7-8
5. Chapters 9-10
6. Chapters 11-12
7. Chapters 13-14
8. Chapters 15-16
9. Chapters 17-18
10. Chapters 19-20
11. Chapters 21-22
12. Chapters 23-24
13. Chapters 25-26
14. Chapters 27-28

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    The Acts of the Apostles, also known as The Book of Acts, is the fifth book of the New Testament. It follows the 4 Gospel accounts not only in order but in chronology. As the Gospels end with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Acts begins with the 11 Apostles and His other disciples embarking on the adventure of following Him and fulfilling His Great Commission (see Matthew 28:16-20 for the most commonly cited version of the Great Commission). Though several heroes of the early Christian church are included in this narrative, much of the book tells the story of the Apostle Paul from his conversion to Christianity to his missionary journeys. (Introduction by Jason Justice)