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#1 - Preface

Australian Explorers - Their Labours, Perils, and Achievements

Download Introduction. Pioneer Navigators audio
Download Chapter I. The Pioneers of the Blue Mountains audio
Download Chapter II. Surveyor Evan's Discovery of the Lachlan and Macquarie Rivers and the Bathurst Plains audio
Download Chapter III. Oxley's Expedition to the Lachlan and Macquarie Rivers audio
Download Chapter IV. Hume and Hovell's Expedition from Lake George to Port Phillip audio
Download Chapter V. Allan Cunningham's Explorations audio
Download Chapter VI. Captain Sturt's Three Expeditions audio
Download Chapter VII. Eyre's Adventurous Journey Along the Great Australian Bight audio
Download Chapter VIII. Sir Thomas Mitchell's Four Expeditions audio
Download Chapter IX. Kennedy's Disastrous Expedition to Cape Yorke audio
Download Chapter X. Leichhardt's Expedition to Port Essington and into the Interior audio
Download Chapter XI. Mr. A. C. Gregory's Expedition to the North-West Interior audio
Download Chapter XII. Burke and Wills's Expedition Across the Australian Continent audio
Download Chapter XIII. Search Expeditions in Quest of Burke and Wills audio
Download Chapter XIV. John McDouall Stuart’s Expeditions in the South, to the Centre, and Across the Continent audio
Download Chapter XV. Colonel Warburton's Journey Across the Western Interior audio
Download Chapter XVI. The Hon. John Forrest's Explorations in Western Australia audio
Download Chapter XVII. Mr. Ernest Giles's Explorations in Central and Western Australia audio
Download Chapter XVIII. Other Explorers in Western Australia - Conclusion audio
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"The Story of the Exploration of Australia is one which we cannot willingly let die. There are many reasons for keeping alive the remembrance of such heroic deeds. It is due to the memory of those men who took their lives in their hands, and, in many cases, laid their bones in the desert; it is an act of gratitude on our part, who have entered on their labours; and it is a kind of information indispensable to every Australian who desires to know the history of his country." - Summary from the Author's Preface

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