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#1 - Act 1

Aulularia; or, The Concealed Treasure

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Euclio, a miserly old Athenian, has discovered a pot of gold in his house, Afraid it will be found and taken, he watches with the greatest anxiety and moves the treasure around, concealing it first in one spot and then another. Until.... (The original ending of this comedy was lost, but is herein replaced by a supplement written by Antonius Codrus Urceus.) - Summary by ToddHW

Cast list:
The Household God, who speaks the Prologue: ToddHW
Euclio, an aged Athenian: Greg Giordano
Megadorus, uncle of Lyconides: Algy Pug
Lyconides, a young Athenian: Inkell
Strobilus, servant of Megadorus and Lyconides: Alan Mapstone
Pythodicus, servant of Megadorus: Kerry Adams
Anthrax, Cook: ToddHW
Congrio, Cook: Rapunzelina
Eunomia, the sister of Megadorus: Kristin G.
Phaedra, the daughter of Euclio: Sandra Schmit
Staphyla, an old woman, servant of Euclio: Sonia
Slave: ToddHW
Stage Directions: Jim Locke
Editing: ToddHW

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